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According to a recent news article from the Fresno Bee, a California State Senate bill (SB-94) has just passed and become law after it was signed by Governor Jerry Brown.  This law was a big deal, as it combined the regulation of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana into a single set of laws.  Make no mistake about it, this is a massive bill, as we have discussed in other posts on this blog, however, there are some clauses have not been making headlines.

marijuana attorney Orange CountyOne of the provisions in the new bill will allow for cannabis to be sold on fairgrounds that are owned by the state of California, as long as it is during a state or county fair and during private events.  However, there are various conditions before one can sell marijuana on these state-owned fairgrounds. Continue reading

As law enforcement is battling a number of illicit and sizable marijuana cultivation efforts throughout Riverside County (rumors are its driven by Mexican drug cartels), leaders in some cities are working to take the power out of dealers’ hands by crafting a framework of regulation for lawful distribution. cannabis1

This is a notable shift from what we saw a few years ago, when hundreds of cities across the state scrambled to ban medical marijuana dispensaries amid a furious crackdown by federal authorities. Of course, the drug remains illegal under federal law, but U.S. attorneys have eased their stance on the issue, prompting cities to craft their own measures to replace the ban or allow ballot initiatives that gives voters the chance to decide.

One of the most recent among these is Perris, where the council decided June 14th to approve a package of resolutions that will give voters a choice of not one but two medical marijuana dispensary November ballot initiatives to weigh. Continue reading

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