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A California city is facing litigation brought by a cannabis company claiming the rule barring deliveries from out-of-county retailers into unincorporated areas violates state statute.marijuana delivery
In East of Eden Cannabis Co. v. Santa Cruz County, filed in the local Superior Court, the Salinas-based firm is fighting for the right to be allowed to deliver to these regions. Los Angeles cannabis attorneys know that precedence set in this case could potentially impact how other courts decide similar cases in the future. 
In particular what is interesting about this case is not so much the substance of the complaint, but the fact that it echoes a familiar refrain echoed following the passage of Prop. 64, which gave local governments broad discretion in regulating marijuana growth, sales and distribution in their jurisdictions. This has led to a patchwork of laws that can be as confusing as they are frustrating.
What is allowable in county or city may not be in those neighboring. The onus is on the company or individual to know what the rules are – which is why consulting with an attorney in the course of your business planning is imperative.  

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As cannabis business zones continue to be established and expand in the state of California, entrepreneurs have many opportunities to grow their marijuana businesses. But this also means they must keep up with new and ever evolving regulations and standards. Marijuana delivery business

Many cities especially are passing regulations in order to limit the influence of the state on how the city chooses to oversee marijuana delivery services, growers, collectives, and edible and concentrate producers. Delivery services in particular must navigate a continually growing list of rules, ranging from methods by which the businesses can make deliveries to where they are allowed to set up.

In Hesperia, California, for example, the city council approved an amendment that expands the area approved for establishing delivery services and affirms cannabis activity regulations, according to an article from The Daily Press. Continue reading

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