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Marijuana legalization has been a decades-long battle that is finally paying off, with states all over the country legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana legalizationcannabis. But in addition to fighting for your rights on the legal front, our experienced lawyers know there is another fight that must be won: the battle of public perception.

Nowhere is that struggle better illustrated than in Texas, where a college baseball coach blew off an athlete interested in attending the school over the issue of marijuana. You might be wondering what the connection is. Did the student fail a drug test? Did he have a criminal record involving marijuana? Had he been penalized by his high school for coming to school under the influence?

All of these would be excellent guesses. But the answer to all three is “no.” According to an email to the athlete, which has since gone viral, it appears the coach deemed the student guilty by association of the entire state of Colorado, according to a report from The Washington Post.

The email claimed the school was not considering students from Colorado because in the past, recruits from the state had difficulty passing the drug test. “We have made a decision not to take a chance on student-athletes from your state. You can thank your liberal politicians,” the message went on to say.

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Since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2014, there have been concerns about whether consumers would be able to easily detect whether an edible was laced with marijuana or not. brownies

Now, a new state law that went into effect this months requires all edible marijuana products to come with a diamond-shaped stamp and the clearly-marked letters, “THC.” The letters will be stamped not just on the packaging, but also directly onto the food item. This feature is to go not just on the brownies, but on candy and other edibles. The rule came about after numerous complaints from the public that marijuana candies and edibles looked to similar to those that did not contain the drug.

Colorado is the first state among those that have passed recreational marijuana laws to have passed such a requirement. This new rule mandates a symbol that will be universal for all foods that contain marijuana so that consumers will easily be able to tell just by looking at the packaging – or the food itself – whether it contains the drug. This should also help parents and teachers too. A marijuana-laden cookie being passed around the table at a school cafeteria will be more easily identifiable to someone simply looking at the treat, without having to actually smell or taste it.  Continue reading

Treyous Jarrells played football from the time he was just a child. He endured hit after hit. There were concussions. There were torn ligaments and stretched muscles. The pain became chronic. football3

But he was chasing a dream. He landed a scholarship to Colorado State University, where he excelled. He averaged 5.2 yards per carry during his 2014 sophomore year. But what school officials didn’t know was that Jarrells was always under the influence of marijuana. He practiced high. He played almost every game high. He worked out high. None of his teammates or coaches or fans ever knew it, he says.

It wasn’t for the fun of it. It was to relieve the chronic pain without the risk of long-term damage. Specifically, he notes how common it was to see other players down five to 10 ibuprofens prior to practice every single day. Over the course of a few years, he says, that could do severe damage to one’s liver. For him, marijuana was his medicine. In fact, he was one of the 103,000 people in Colorado with a medical marijuana license who was legally allowed to grow the plant. The only risk, he says, was that he might get caught by his coaches, be sanctioned by the NCAA and lose his scholarship. Continue reading

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