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Marijuana business in Colorado is seeing a major shift with the passage this month of a measure that halts sales of recreational marijuana at medical marijuana dispensaries. marijuanatray

There is widespread understanding by those operating medical dispensaries that with the law allowing recreational use in place, they are not going to be able to survive peddling medical pot alone. Now that recreational marijuana dispensaries can sell to anyone over the age of 21, there is little incentive for consumers – or dispensaries – to go through the additional bureaucracy that medicinal marijuana requires – except in case where patients are under the age of 21. That could mean those patients will have a tougher time finding specialized strains or compounds.

The new regulation also comes with a provision that allows consumers to purchase more of the plant and pay lower sales taxes on it. However, at least for the next few months, they may find they have fewer venues from which to buy. That’s because dispensaries will be actively making the shift from medicinal operation to recreational sales.  Continue reading

The cannabis licensing process in Portland is reportedly so bogged down with problems, entrepreneurs and businesses are taking a major financial hit every month. Some have even been forced out of business.cannabis

That’s according to a new report released by the city of Portland and Office of Neighborhood Involvement. A chief economist who works closely with marijuana businesses hoping to forge a legal path into local industry says the complicated bureaucracy of the process has forced some applicants to go belly-up. As of last month, only 19 out of 355 applicants had received their licenses. Another 30 cleared the process, but were waiting to pay their respective fees.

The economist noted that if the city fails to license a significant number of more cannabis businesses soon, the effect on the marijuana market in Oregon overall is going to be greatly adverse. Continue reading

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