Tax Strapped California Weighs Benefits of Marijuana Revenue

One of the primary reasons advocates in cities and states urge for marijuana sales is so that they can tax the revenue. Colorado has seen an enviable spike in revenue that has raised legislator eyebrows nationwide. These tax revenues on legalized marijuana have gone to pay for schools, education, and law enforcement. Now the City of San Bernardino, California is looking to raise revenue through legalization of medical marijuana and a tax on the pot. The plan was drawn up, in part, as a response to a lack of resources necessary to deal with illegal medical marijuana distribution throughout the city.


City officials have looked at the plan as a “two-birds, one-stone” solution to the pot problem, allowing them to reduce resources in the enforcement of distribution regulations, while also increasing city revenue. Our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys are dedicated to providing strategic advocacy and support to clients throughout Southern California. Whether you are facing criminal marijuana charges or want to learn more about compliance for your distribution business, we can protect your rights.

San Bernardino is one of many cities and municipalities that has recognized the potential revenue stream represented by potential taxes on medical and, ultimately, recreational marijuana. In addition to having a say in who operates the businesses, the city can also control how and where they are located, rather than expending resources cracking down on illegal sales. Advocacy groups and their representatives see this move as a beneficial shift in policy-making, as legislators realize how much regulation costs without the necessary revenues to support such enforcement.

Despite support in favor of medical marijuana legalization, a legislative review panel is reviewing the idea, discussing plans with the city police department, and examining laws in other jurisdictions before bringing the proposal to committee. There will be at least more public meetings on the issue before it is presented in August. Officials say the objective will remain the same: close down dangerous shops and raise city revenue.

Law enforcement officials claim that there are at least 20 illegal storefronts in every California city at any given time. Advocates for legalization say that shifting towards tax and regulation could reduce the amount of crime, increase revenues, and give the city necessary tools to stay on top of the industry. California cities are struggling with limited resources and many are examining a Colorado system of regulation and revenue building that leans towards legalization.

According to reports, the city spends $10,000 every time it holds a hearing to charge an illegal dealer. From the investigation, evidence collection, through the prosecution, the city is expending massive resources on catching and penalizing dealers. Making steps towards legalization and revenue increase can significantly help reduce costs and raise additional money for law enforcement. If you have been arrested or charged with running an illegal dispensary, it is important to protect your rights. An experienced advocate can review your case and pursue every available avenue to reduce charges and penalties.

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