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Revocation of a cannabis license can prove fatal to a marijuana business, unless one takes swift and decisive legal action. All legal remedies should be discussed with an experienced and highly qualified L.A. cannabis business lawyer. Los Angeles marijuana business lawyer

Recently, it was announced that a marijuana dispensary has filed a lawsuit against the city of South Lake Tahoe after the city council of the California community on the Nevada border revoked its business license for failure to open on time. The delay, according to the plaintiff, was directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, something entirely outside the firm’s control.

According to the Associated Press, the company had been awarded two microbusiness marijuana licenses two years ago. Part of the deal was the firm would open up shop within one year. However, the pandemic created an unforeseen situation that prevented the company from meeting the deadline. The agreement became effective in February 2020, but the world effectively turned upside down with the pandemic, with both business and construction coming to an abrupt halt the following month. When construction picked up again, the demand for construction materials and workers was such that the business couldn’t keep up. Continue reading

The “stoner” stereotype has plagued California cannabis businesses since before the drug was legal as medicine in the late 1990s. But many Los Angeles marijuana businesses are looking to re-brand their images in the hopes of better reflecting the type of business they do. marijuana advertising

Branding is valuable for any business, but in the case of marijuana, the benefits are industry-wide because it can help to combat archaic conventional perceptions about marijuana as a product. Formulating a professional, unified brand can help address this – and allow companies to carve a name and a niche in a fiercely competitive market.

On the flip side, even where it’s legal to sell marijuana, it’s tough to advertise it. As our Los Angeles marijuana advertising attorneys can explain, marketing cannabis brands and marijuana dispensaries is rife with hurdles.

Hurdles to California Cannabis Advertising

A recent poll from Pew Research Center reveals nearly 7 in 10 Americans think marijuana should be legal. There’s a broad market of potential consumers within your reach. But when it comes to advertising, marijuana businesses need to tread carefully. Continue reading

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