Despite Statewide Marijuana Legalization, Californians Must Follow Local Laws

With the state of California transitioning to legal recreational cannabis, it is a very exciting time for marijuana restrained-1188171-639x480-300x225business entrepreneurs.

Many in California have been in the marijuana industry for years on the medical side of things. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, also known as Proposition 215.

Still, with the passing of Proposition 64, allowing adult use of recreational marijuana Jan. 1, and its steady rollout in areas of California, many new businesses have been eager to join the marketplace. Sometimes too eager.In Ventura County, two men were recently arrested on allegations of running an illegal marijuana dispensary. Marijuana was allegedly being peddled out of a smoke shop in Port Hueneme owned by one of the suspects. Police claim a nearby post-traumatic stress counseling facility was being used for storage.

According to city police, eight pounds of marijuana and $2,000 were confiscated from the premises.

In an ironic twist of fate, just 10 days after the arrests, the Port Hueneme City Council passed an ordinance that would make it legal to operate medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city.

Cities in California have the right to determine whether they will participate in statewide legalization efforts, with some like Port Hueneme joining later than others. This has caused confusion and a restlessness among some marijuana business owners who are sometimes willing to take great risks to join in the burgeoning marketplace, regardless of local laws.

The ordinance in Port Hueneme of course would not have made any dispensary immediately legal, so it would not have been helpful to the suspects in this case. It still would be mandatory to obtain the proper licenses from the city as well as the state and to be in compliance with all regulations. But it is one step closer to making it legal to sell and obtain marijuana in regions where there is clearly a demand.

Our marijuana defense lawyers in Los Angeles know all too well it can take time to go through the application process and make sure the business meets all regulations and guidelines put in place by local and state governments. And with Los Angeles only recently accepting applications for dispensaries and other related businesses, we don’t want to see anyone end up arrested when we are so close to opening legal operations in the city.

That’s why we help cannabis businesses with all of the necessary steps to set up shop. Having an expert like one of ours on your side will ease your transition to compliance. The cost of operating outside of the law is too high to risk yourself and your business.

Our team is also experienced in criminal defense should you find yourself in an unfavorable situation with law enforcement. We are prepared to defend clients who have been charged for illegal possession for use and sale. as well as cultivation and transportation violations. In addition to Los Angeles, we help clients in San Bernadino, Orange County, San Diego and Riverside.

The Los Angeles CANNABIS LAW Group represents growers, dispensaries, collectives, patients and those facing marijuana charges. Call us at 949-375-4734.

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