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With the legalization of recreational marijuana, California faces the daunting task of implementing a regulatory scheme on a scale rarely seen before. There have been few – if any – periods in state history in which an entire industry must be legalized and regulated within a narrow window of fourteen months. And yet that is the task faced by the State come January 2, 2018.cannabis regulation lawyers

In the midst of feverish work and complicated legal structures, the City of Los Angeles is garnering worldwide interest in the efficacy of its new cannabis regulations. Learn more about the system that could save taxpayers millions of dollars in regulatory costs and ensure a smooth transition into legal sales of recreational marijuana. Continue reading

On January 2, 2018, the State of California is scheduled to begin issuing business licenses for the sale of recreational marijuana. Cannabis business owners will face many logistical challenges and changes in order to be prepared for this transition. With skilled preparation and experienced strategic planning, entrepreneurs will be able to build profitable operations from the ground up. Learn more about the challenges cannabis business owners face, and how an experienced cannabis law attorney can help resolve these problems to facilitate a smooth transition.cannabis business planning lawyers

Strategic Logistics

The Napa Valley Register reports that one Napa architect has created a niche for himself in the design of grow houses. In addition to meeting ADA and other code requirements, these designs also integrate ventilation and air filtration systems which help growers maintain healthy crops and profits. Sufficient power – and the use of LED lights to reduce the grow houses’ power demands – are also critical components of the designs which help business owners maintain profitable operations. City and county officials are scrutinizing plans for grow houses more carefully than other buildings, and it is therefore especially important for growers to ensure their plans are made carefully, strategically, and professionally. Continue reading

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