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On January 2, 2018, the State of California is scheduled to begin issuing business licenses for the sale of recreational marijuana. Cannabis business owners will face many logistical challenges and changes in order to be prepared for this transition. With skilled preparation and experienced strategic planning, entrepreneurs will be able to build profitable operations from the ground up. Learn more about the challenges cannabis business owners face, and how an experienced cannabis law attorney can help resolve these problems to facilitate a smooth transition.cannabis business planning lawyers

Strategic Logistics

The Napa Valley Register reports that one Napa architect has created a niche for himself in the design of grow houses. In addition to meeting ADA and other code requirements, these designs also integrate ventilation and air filtration systems which help growers maintain healthy crops and profits. Sufficient power – and the use of LED lights to reduce the grow houses’ power demands – are also critical components of the designs which help business owners maintain profitable operations. City and county officials are scrutinizing plans for grow houses more carefully than other buildings, and it is therefore especially important for growers to ensure their plans are made carefully, strategically, and professionally. Continue reading

Proponents of the failed “War on Drugs” have long characterized marijuana as a “gateway” drug, meaning it opens the doors to use of heavier, more dangerous narcotics.marijuana lawyer

But now, a new drug rehabilitation center in Los Angeles is touting cannabis as an “exit” drug – a way out of the prison of addiction. As Leafly reports, the center, called High Sobriety, does not focus on complete and total abstinence of all substances (the hard-line approach advocated by groups like Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-step model programs). Instead, participants are encouraged to rely on marijuana as a means to cope with the difficulties of withdrawals and more. Although many treatment models staunchly discourage replacing one drug for another, that’s exactly what facilitators hope to do here. Marijuana, they say, is much less threatening than the harder drugs like heroin, cocaine and prescription narcotics for which the cannabis serves as a substitute.

The facility and its treatment model are quite new, but there is a high likelihood we’ll see more of these centers crop up if there are continued success stories. Although medicinal marijuana has been available in California for those with certain debilitating medical conditions since the 1990s, those in the treatment center won’t need a prescription, so long as they are over 21, thanks to the passage of Prop. 64 last year. Continue reading

One of the issues that faces those who want to smoke pot in their apartments is that even though it will be legal to do so, it may be a violation of your lease. A recent news article from NBC 4 Los Angeles takes a closer look at this issue.

medical marijuana When Proposition 64 was drafted, it was done in such a way that would appease many of the opponents of legal use of recreational marijuana for adults.  This is because while it was not as liberal as they would prefer, if was to pass, there would have to be some major concessions, so that is what happened.   While the law did get passed at the ballot and will go into effect on January 1, 2018, there are still some issues that may cause hardship to those who wish to smoke marijuana in their homes. Continue reading

If Placentia council members had pressed forward with their original plans to permit medical marijuana businesses in the city, it would have been the first in Orange County to green light marijuana cultivation. But just weeks after a split 3-2 vote approving a dispensary, cultivation site, manufacturing location, testing site, transportation service and delivery – only one of each, with possible room for growth in 18 months – council members scrapped those plans entirely. marijuana2

Although the council had initially given its blessing, any new law in the city mandates two separate votes. On the second round, that 3-2 division became a unanimous 5-0 vote NOT to approve the pot shop plans.

Undoubtedly, their decision was swayed by a swell of public opposition to the measure, as constituents voiced fierce opposition to the measure. According to the Orange County Register, Mayor Jeremy Yamaguchi said he would shelve the issue, while leaving the possibility of further research and discussion on the table. He said the process might have moved too quickly, as many residents expressed a desire for the council to take more time to study the issue and its potential impact on the community.  Continue reading

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