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Although cannabis is now legal in some form in more than half of the U.S., shipping it across state lines is still a crime for which people across the country are being arrested. This is true even in cases where it is being shipped between two states where it’s legal in recreational form. That’s because it’s still very much illegal at the federal level. marijuana shipping

The U.S. Postal Service is a federal entity, so federal law applies (even if you’re using another carrier, such as FedEx, DHL or UPS). Whether you ship marijuana intrastate or interstate, you risk being charged with marijuana trafficking, for which there are minimum mandatory federal prison sentences depending on how much product has been moved.

Industrial hemp and its derivatives are the exception under the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, but even that has proven problematic (just ask long haul truckers). Continue reading

State regulators have suspended hundreds of marijuana business permits, in effect halting some 5 percent of the state’s legal cannabis business operations, disrupting supply chains and retail/distribution networks statewide. Los Angeles cannabis business licensing

Some 400 companies have been ordered to halt all transactions until they ensure their licenses are brought up to “active” status.

The notices were issued by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control on Nov. 1st, directed to delivery services, retailers, microbusinesses and distributors, informing them they will no longer be allowed to lawfully conduct business until they implement the appropriate track-and-trace system credentialing and training mandated by the state.

The state agency oversees more than 2,500 marijuana businesses, each of which hold either an annual or provisional license. Meanwhile, the California Department of Public Health is in charge of handling oversight of more than 930 marijuana manufacturers and the California Department of Food and Agriculture is responsible for managing regulations and oversight of more than 3,800 cannabis farmers. Continue reading

Los Angeles marijuana business lawyers know that cannabis companies are feeling the burn of the black market. Fresh off paying their taxes (in cash) and still weighted by cumbersome California cannabis regulations that tiptoe around the federal law from which they have loose protections, many companies are fed up with the fact that doing it all the right way has them taking a black seat to illicit street sales.Los Angeles marijuana business lawyer

Ever since Prop. 64 legalized marijuana, the drug has been readily available in many communities throughout the state – just not always on the up-and-up. Because illicit marijuana sales bypass the regulatory framework set forth by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (which includes seed-to-sale tracking, laboratory testing for pesticides and potency and stringent rules on regulation), they have carved themselves an unfair market advantage.

Our Los Angeles marijuana business lawyers work with these firms to help ensure they are abiding regulatory compliance and also to fight back against the unlawful sales that threaten their livelihood. We also help cannabis entrepreneurs trying to do it the right way, despite numerous setbacks due to bureaucracy, do all they can to claw their way into the market. We also help those facing federal and state marijuana criminal charges, regulating that a big part of the problem is the lack of uniformity not just throughout the country from state-to-state but within California from community to community. Continue reading

Marijuana is the latest economic boom, with revenues spiking, with companies at every stage of the supply chain eager to cash in on the cannabis cash flow. The drug is now legal for recreational use in 23 states plus the District of Columbia and 23 states now allow medicinal marijuana. Los Angeles marijuana lawyers have heard some experts estimate the industry could balloon to $80 billion over the next decade.

Los Angeles marijuana supply chain lawyerThe interest of companies adjacent to the cannabis industry especially is expected to soar – everything from packaging and advertising to purveyors of point-of-sale technology that allows marijuana producers to keep accurate track of their products from seed-to-sale.

Supply chain companies are increasingly willing to form ties with the cannabis industry, which just 10 years ago was illegal in most states. The fact that it’s still illegal under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act means there is still some risk for those associated. That’s why it’s best to check in with an experienced Los Angeles cannabis business lawyer before signing any contracts to ensure your operations meet California cannabis regulatory compliance rules, thereby reducing your risk of both state and federal scrutiny. Continue reading

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